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The Best Spots For Porridge in London

There’s nothing like a warm bowl of porridge to get us going on a crisp autumn or wintery morning. Not only are these wholegrains stacked with soluble fibre but including oats in your balanced diet will lower your cholesterol helping to maintain the healthy flora in your gut, in turn aiding weight-loss, protecting from and lowering the risks of diabetes. Lucky for us we need no longer punish ourselves with the dreadfully bland sludge, reminiscent of boarding schools or the watered-down unrecognisable flavours of the insta-minute oat brands to take in the nutrition. From pimped porridge to magnificent porridge toppers to acai these London restaurants turn the humble oat into pure porridge comfort in a bowl.


Duck and Waffle 


Get the best of both worlds at the Duck and Waffle where you can enjoy an unpretentious Apple and Pecan Porridge from the 40th Floor of the Herron Towers while taking in unrivalled views of this great city.

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The Northall at Corinthia Hotel 

 Charing Cross

The elegant venue is not the only extravagant offer at this fine 5-star establishment. They serve posh organic porridge, quinoa porridge with linseeds and if you’re up for a breakfast blow-out go for the Asian Breakfast Box made up of Congee (a rice porridge), Dim-sum, Egg Noodles, Steamed Sweet Bun and Youtiao (fried bread).

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Maple and Fitz


Well-known in the area for healthy alternatives to carb-heavy weekday lunches, this charming spot offers the good stuff 4-ways without skimping on the yummy, nutritious and sometimes unconventional ingredients – like the delicious miso porridge.

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26 Grains 

 Neal’s Yard

26 Grains takes these simple grains to blissfully dizzying heights as she blends in all manner of ingredients, all of them exceptional and some in total defiance of what we’d come to expect from an ordinary bowl of porridge. No nuts, seeds, compotes, syrups or even kale and eggs get overlooked here.

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Bread Ahead 


Pimp your own porridge as you choose your toppings at this charming joint also known for their great breakfasts and superb on-sight bakery. You can expect chia seeds, manuka honey, a variety of nuts and nut milks to blend with your oats.

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