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Clapham Common’s Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots

Whether you want to persuade your northerly friends about the virtues of living in Clapham (as if the calming greenery, antipodeans, Michelin-starred eateries and abode of JK Rowling aren’t enough) on the weekend, needing a morning coffee, or catching up in a dog friendly, kid friendly brunch spot we’ve found the best of breakfast surrounding Clapham Common.


Coffee Wake-up  

 Clapham Manor Street

First things first – Coffee. Coffee Wake-up is an independent family-run café, conveniently situated close to Clapham Common Station. They serve a hearty breakfast and everyone who works here are knowledgeable about what goes into their food and helpful when it comes to food allergies.


Go for: the excellent service, homemade cakes, good, quick coffee

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The Black Lab Coffee House 

 Clapham Common South Side

The ‘Lab’ in the name is not short for Laboratory, although you might think that they have their coffee down to an exquisite science. It’s for Labrador, as the owners often welcome guests and their human friends strolling in after a walk on the Common.

They rotate their coffee regularly so there’s always something new to try and they serve a range of breakfasts including sumptuous vegan options.


Go for: Superb coffee, dog-friendly, wifi, outdoor seating overlooking Clapham Common.

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 Clapham Park Road

Don’t mix this one up with Fantasia in Old Town. While somewhat ramshackle, Fantasia2 is not your average greasy spoon. You can expect a solid full English breakfast at reasonable prices.


Go for: the freshly squeezed juices, sausages from Smithfield Market, veggie options, being easy on the wallet (take cash!).

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Gail’s Bakery 

 Clapham Old Town

It’s rare to find an on-site bakery in London, and while Gail’s bakery is a chain, we cannot fault them on being one of London’s finest.

From their layered buttery croissants, to their artisanal breads and sandwiches packed-to-the-brim with well-sourced ingredients, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Paris.


Go for: Expertly made fare, a place to get work done, brunch.

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The Roastery  

 Wandsworth Road

This kiwi owned café is a firm favourite among locals. Relax over a sumptuous breakfast and good coffee, sourced from, Bullet Coffee, that turns into a leisurely brunch with friends.


Go for: The excellent coffee and the indulgent chocolate marshmallow served on the side.

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